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Painting- DIY!! How To, From The Pros!

Painting can seem like an incredibly daunting task when you aren’t totally sure the best way to go about doing it. Luckily for you, I’m going to break it down to make sure you get as close to a professional quality finish as possible! 

What you’ll need:

Paint, Microfibre Roller, Paintbrush
a Cut Can, Mud, Trowel, Frog Tape, Drop Sheet(towel or blanket will work), Pole sander, Sponge Sander. And a whole lotta PATIENCE! :)

Step 1

Remove all light switch covers. You will most likely need a "flathead" screwdriver.

Step 2 

Mud all holes that you want to be filled. Grab trowel, scoop a small amount of mud onto it. In a downward motion go over the hole applying a medium amount of pressure. Let sit for about an hour depending on hole size. If it sinks inward fill again.

Step 3

Sand all patches. Then sand walls with a pole sander. This removes any existing bumps or blemishes on the walls.

Step 4

 Dust off tops of baseboards and sides of trim with a rag.

Step 5

 Tape off baseboards and trim. Press down firmly so no paint will get beneath. *Optional, use masking paper to protect floors from paint drips.

Step 6

Cut in tops and sides of walls, then against the tape.

Step 7

 Roll Wall. From Left to right, bottom to top and always keeping the roller cage handle in front.

Step 8: Let dry for recommended dry time(directions located on side of the paint can), then Pole sand again for desired smoothness.

Step 9: Repeat steps 6 & 7.

Step 10: Pull tape and enjoy!

Products We Prefer!

Image 1- Cloverdale Ecologic Washable Flat

Image 2- Microfiber 15mm roller sleeves (Available at Cloverdale)

Image 3- Dap DryDex (Available at Cloverdale, Walmart, Home Depot)

Image 4- Green Frog Tape- (Available at Cloverdale, Home Depot)

Pro Tips!

Pro tip: Wherever to decide to get paint, ask them for a cut can while you’re there. They’ll most likely give it to you free of charge!

Pro tip: The brush & Roller you use are equally as important as the paint! 

Pro tip: You can buy the same paint we use WITHOUT a contractors account! Cloverdale, Dulux or Benjamin Moore paint.

Don’t: Don’t spread yourself thin. Only cut and roll one room at a time. That way the cut lines will always match the roll. Plus, it will keep you more organized!


Never use a paint edger. JUST DON’T! I pinky promise, it will not turn out like this image. I've seen horror shows because of this device! And trust me, a PRO would never use one.

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